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65 Years of experience building Renewable Energy Projects around the World

Virya Energy is led by a team of three highly qualified professionals, who have a combined experience of over 65 years in wind farm development, construction and management.

The team of business directors and engineers have worked on thousands of megawatts throughout Australia, the Indo-Pacific and Europe.
Wind Energy

Wind power is the cheapest and cleanest way to generate electricity

How Does Wind Energy Work?

The wind turns the large blades which spins a generator to make electricity.

This electricity is collected at a substation and sent to the national grid.

Once a wind farm is constructed there is a small ongoing maintenance cost, but most importantly, there are no fuel costs because wind is free.


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clean Energy

Wind Energy Is The Fastest Growing Energy Source

Wind Farm on a mountain side

Wind turbines are the fastest growing energy source globally because they generate electricity with no pollution.

Turbines capture wind-generated power and convert it into electricity used by farms, factories, homes and offices.

Wind turbines are clean, reliable and affordable

Most Australian states and territories are transitioning away from traditional, fossil-fueled energy sources and towards a diverse mix of renewable energy, including wind.

Wind Energy

Wind farms have many environmental benefits.

No emissions

No greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the turbines during operation

Renewable Energy Source

They provide a renewable source of energy – no mining, extraction or burning of fossil fuels required


Wind turbines are designed to be efficient and quiet in operation.

Remove the stress of setting up a wind farm project and let Virya Energy do the work for you.

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