What We Do

Developing, Constructing & Operating Renewable Projects

Virya Energy Pty Ltd is an Australian wind farm development team that combines decades of local wind farm experience with the backing of one of Germany’s best renewable energy developers.

Our Process

Site Selection
  • Discussions with landowners
  • Property and title confirmation
  • Option to Lease
  • Establish wind monitoring
Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental assessments (Biodiversity, Aboriginal cultural heritage, Visual Impact and Noise)
  • Assess planning requirements
  • Commence preliminary grid studies
  • Design turbine and road layout
  • Undertake Geotechnical assessment
Environment & Planning Approval
  • Undertake Planning Panel Hearing
  • Secure Commonwealth EPBC Approval (if required)
  • Community Consultation
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Secure Planning Approval
Grid Connection & Financial Close
  • Tender and select turbine model
  • Tender Civil and Electrical Works
  • Complete Detailed Design
  • Secure Grid Connection Agreement
  • Negotiate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Receive Secondary Consent for Final Design
Construction & Operation
  • Site set-up and civil works
  • Road construction
  • Excavation & foundation construction
  • Electrical installation
  • Turbine delivery and erection
  • Turbine commissioning and testing
  • Construct electrical substations
  • Construct transmission line
  • Commission operational infrastructure
  • Decommission temporary structures

Who Are We

Virya Energy is an Australian company focused on developing renewable energy in Australia.

It was established by German wind pioneer Joachim Uecker in March 2020 as an Australian counterpart to Energiequelle GmbH, one of the largest privately owned renewable energy developers in Europe with over 300 staff and 750 Projects.

In Australia, Virya Energy is run out of Melbourne by Steve Crowe and Karl-Heinz Krampe.

Benefits of wind farming

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Community Engagement & Benefits

ViRYA Energy is dedicated to establishing respectful relationships which foster positive community outcomes.

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Local Jobs

Construction and operation of the project will generate up to 300 jobs during the peak of constructions.

We are committed to prioritising local labour and equal opportunity employment for women, indigenous and LGBTI+ members of the community.

We are committed to engaging local labour wherever possible, including an emphasis on Indigenous men and women.

Agriculture Support

Virya Energy helps farmers diversify their income sources while retaining over 99% of the land for ongoing farming practises such as grazing and cropping.

Wind farm agricultural benefits partnering with Virya Energy

Clean Energy Council

Create a new renewable energy source in NSW capable of generating 1.5 gigawatts of energy, that’s enough electricity to power around 800,000 homes.

The Project will cut six million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

Provide a sustainable energy solution to managing NSW’s transition away from ageing coal fired power stations.

Virya Energy are members of the Clean Energy Council and are guided by the Clean Energy Council’s Community Engagement Charter for Renewable Energy Developments.

We aim to follow the best practices charter set by the Clean Energy Council for developing and operating renewable energy Projects.

Secure your farms future with an alternative revenue stream

The Win-Wind Solution